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Evolve as Athlete Track your progress and compete with other athletes

Get points with each WOD and compete to be the fittest AimHarder athlete

Smart WOD tracking

Check out your progress on each WOD without wondering about your last scores

Make reservations

Manage all your reservations and check out which athletes are going to train with you every day

Super-fast WOD copy

Copy every WOD logged at your box and post your results in a matter of seconds

Improve technique

Improve your technique and avoid injuries by watching the videos from more than 800 exercises

Control your PRs

Know your theoretical 1RM and track your progress on 1, 3, 5 and 10 reps

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Simplify your Box management Take control of all your business needs at one single place
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Take control of all your business need
while giving tons of value to your customers.
Manage clients

Control your active clients, easily manage memberships and anticipate to potential cancellations

Payments control

Easily manage SEPA payments and automatically lock clients with outstanding payments

Membership design

Combine your classes smoothly and set up you memberships flexibility to your own belong

Product sales

Manage your products, keep track of your stock and log all your sales in a matter of seconds


Resolve all your doubts and give your feedback to your personal agent.

Absolute payment control

Build SEPA files to collect money from your customers with no comissions. Set up a payment deadline to lock automatically all your clients that have any outstanding payments.

Would you rather stop worrying about collecting payments? Take advantage of our Stripe integrations to automatically charge all your clients or let them be the ones in charge of completing their payments on the very same App.

Set up all your memberships freely

Build as many classes as you need and mix them on each membership the way you've always wanted to. Set up flexibility on your memberships so your customers can accumulate a limited number of reservations. Promote reservations on specific schedules by selling memberships with a limited timetable.

Do you want to monitor a seminar or specific event (dinner party, competitions...) assistance? Point events will make these type of organizations a lot more easier.

Connect with your athletes at your Box Page

Schedule WOD posts with the most complete App, alowing you to choose between more then 800 exercises, 400 benchmark WODs and a ton of features to customize your workouts.

Enable push notifications so everyone knows the WOD at the same time, or enable the "Surprise WOD" feature to avoid any athletes skipping the class when running or burpees are due.

Full customer management

Control your active clients, detect potential client losses and discover which athletes have been absent lately so you can make a personal follow up. Assign one or more memberships to your clients and set up alarms to remember you big dates (contract management, payment reminders...).

Reservations under control

With AimHarder you'll know at every momento how many reservations has the client made and with which membership. You'll be able to sign up guests, leave reservations debts, make punctual timetable modifications and cancel classes at any time.

Staff management

Customize your staff permissions so no one can see or export more data than the necessary. Measure how many sales are making each one of your employees.

Product sales

Manage products, measure avialable units and manage your sales as easily as possible. Promote your latest products at ​your Box Page to increase sales and boost your business.


With 1 or 2 screens your customers will be able to see the workout of the day, exercise technique videos, results of each athlete with the necessary weights for each exercise, calculated %RM, progress charts.. The most advanced technology for your business.

Much more

Try AimHarder at your Box and discover all the advantages of working with us.

  • Cash flow control
  • Box & membership terms configuration
  • Invoice generation
  • Membership classes proration
  • Data analysis (clients, payments, assistance, membership modifications, new clients, cancellations...)

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