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Optimize your classes attendance Thanks to AimHarder class designer you can easily add new schedules and decide the anticipation and cancellation limits for each time frame. Let yor clients check easily your calendar with our App, save their reservation on their personal calendars and check out who is going to work out with them.
  • Reservations App
  • Waitlist with automatic alerts
  • Integrate your schedule on your own website
  • Set up seminars and punctual events
  • Automatic reservations reminders
Take advantage of our integrations to fill your least requested classes Thanks to our integrations, you'll be able to fill all the available spots on your classes and increase the profitability of your activities. You'll be able to specify how many spots will be available for each platform, and apply specific limits on each schedule.
  • Synchronized schedules
  • Make money with each reservation
  • Check out each platform history with our reports
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Calendars & appointments diary With our appointments diary, you can organize meeting for all your activities (nutrition, physiotherapy, personal training...) and manage them on a fully separated calendar. You can choose an employee, room, check both availability and charge your client on the same step.
  • Separated calendars
  • Availability checks
  • Manage class packs and individual sessions
Custom penalties Your classes are overcrowded? Don't know what to do to avoid late cancellation? Build your own penalties might be the feature you've been looking for. Thanks to AimHarder you'll be able to choose which violations have to commit your clients in order to be penalized, and also determine the level of hardness of the penalty.
  • 3 types of violations available
  • 4 types of penalties 100% cutomizable
  • Penalties combination
  • Specific penalties for each class and membership